Online Submission

Online Submission

The author must have a user account (or username) and password in order to log into the Jurnal Predica Verbum site. An account username and password can be obtained through registering at the following Jurnal Predica Verbum link:

Registration and login are required to submit an article manuscript in its completeness online and to check the current status of the manuscript.

Technical Instructions:

Register dan Submit the Article

  • Register as author
  • Fill out the profile data
  • List institutional affiliation (the name of the institution of the author)
  • Provide an email and password as author
  • Register
  • Choose: Make a New Submission

    When the menu Submit an Article appears:

  1. Start:
  • Section, choose “Articles”
  • Tick off all submission requirements
  • Save and continue
  1. Upload File:
  • Article Component: choose “Article Text”
  • Upload File
  • Continue
  1. Review Details:
  • Choose “Continue”
  1. Confirm:
  • File Added (if there is other data that should be added)
  • Save and Continue
  1. Metadata:
  • Title: fill out the article title
  • Subtitle: fill out the article subtitle (if there is one)
  • Abstract: copy the abstract from the article
  • List of Contributors (if there is more than one author)
  • Keywords: copy the keywords from the article
  • Save and Continue
  1. Confirmation:
  • Finish Submission
  • Submission Complete (confirmation that the author has successfully submitted the article)